“Self-care workbook”

An innovative “Self-care workbook” about the importance of self-care, with tools, tips and examples on exercising self-care, to support caregivers’ process towards “Building their own self-care plan” and improved mental and physical health. This open online workbook has a step-by-step approach within the framework of 6 topics: 1) what is self-care and why it’s important, 2) taking care of physical self-care, 3) taking care of psychological and emotional (also spiritual) self-care, 4) taking care of social self-care, 5) taking time for leisure, 6) building own self-care plan. It will be available in 6 languages (EN, IT, GR, BE, SI, DE).

Training program (including VR and e-learning) for informal carers

A training for informal caregivers who take care of people with dementia was developed to make the caregivers more confident about their abilities. The training also aims to reduce caregivers’ anxiety and stress and to help them create better social relations with their patients. The training is based on virtual learning (e.g. e-learning), simulation techniques, and immersive experience combined with an interactive reflection on the experience.

“Self-care days”

Five “Self-care days” were organised in Greece, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Slovenia to promote self-care, present the workbook, address self-care topics, and collect feedback.

Awareness raising campaign on stigma

An awareness-raising campaign aiming to reduce the stigma towards people with dementia and their caregivers based on positive intergroup contact with them.