Self-care Day in Slovenia

As part of the “SupportCARE” project, on 24 October 2023, we organized an event “SELF-CARE DAY” in Lukovica, together with the Point for the Elderly Lukovica and 19 people attended from Lukovica, Šmartno pri Litija and Litija. The workshop was useful not only for informal carers of people with dementia but also for all others […]

Self-Care Days

What are the Self-Care Days? Five “Self-care days” will be organised by the end of October 2023 in Greece, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Slovenia to promote self-care, presenting the workbook, addressing the topics of self-care, and collecting feedback. The participants in this activity will be Informal carers of people with dementia. If you want to […]

Virtual Reality (VR) training for informal caregivers of dementia patients

3-Day VR training With the aim of making caregivers more confident about their own abilities, a VR training for informal caregivers who take care of dementia patients was developed and presented to the SupportCare consortium by the Belgian partner VIVES in a meeting in Roeselare, Belgium on 10-12 October 2023. The three-day training aims to […]

European Day of Carers (6 October)

European Day of Carers Caring for loved ones constitutes a noble and crucial role that millions of individuals assume on a daily basis. However, this duty frequently presents challenges that can not only affect the well-being of caregivers but also impact their capacity to maintain a satisfying equilibrium between their work and caregiving responsibilities. Achieving […]

SupportCare launches Self-Care Workbook to empower informal caregivers

SupportCare, a European initiative aimed at addressing the challenges faced by informal caregivers, has released its first resource — the Self-Care Plan Workbook. This workbook is a vital tool designed to support caregivers in their journey toward enhanced mental and physical well-being. Why SupportCare? According to WHO, dementia currently affects around 10 million people in […]